Open Meeting Schedule of the Hawthorne Historical Society. 12622 Grevillea Av - 6:30pm

March 23rd - Speaker: Guy Hocker, Past Mayor of Hawthorne

These meetings are open to everyone.
Please try and make our meetings folks, and bring your friends.

Hawthorne Historical Pancake Breakfast

A big thank you to all who came down for our Pancake Breakfast event, Saturday, February 28th. We thoroughly had a great time putting on this Museum fundraiser and do hope you enjoyed it too.

We served Pancakes, Bacon, Sausage, Orange Juice, and Coffee to over 200 people at the 8am to Noon event and everything went off without a problem.

A Special thanks to Jan and Judy Blomsterberg for helping out, selling tickets and for many of our raffle prizes. Thanks too, to the VFW women's auxiliary for donating special hand made quilts as prizes.

We also want to thank all our usual Museum staff; David Brager, Bill Shultz, Lee Leonard, Bob and Karen Fraser, Dick and Alice Huhn, Thierry Lubenec, Al and Betty Richards, Don McIntire, and Norb Huber. Their tireless work on Friday night and Saturday made this event possible so thank you all very much.

Also Thank you James ? (sorry I don't know your last name). James just showed up and volunteered his services as cook. It was truly appreciated.

Hope to see you all at our next event, The 5th Annual Good Neighbors Days, in July.


President: Thierry Lubenec

Vice President: Norb Huber

Treasurer: Dick Huhn

Secretary: Karen Fraser


Executive Director: Tom Quintana

Public Outreach: Gordon Mego

Archiving Administrator: Bob Fraser

Archiving Administrator: Don McIntire

Hospitality Director: Alice Huhn

Website Administrator: John Baker

Our Members

145 Member Families

Ken Adams Yoshiko Hayashi Kyle & Jerry Orlemann
Harry Alenik Karen Hickey Fay Osborne
Lorrie Arcese Norb & Lynda Huber Jim Osborne
Mike & Julie Babineau David & Lori Hughes Gary & Cindy Parsons
John Baker Richard & Alice Huhn Tom & Connie Quintana
Manuel & Herminia Balboa Linda Huthmaker Henry & Judy Ramirez
Salvador & Nadia Barrera Christopher Ide Allen C. & Betty J. Richards
Richard & Barbara Beard Diana Jaunzem Arnold & Rochelle Rothans
Lawrence Bender Darvis Johnson John Rout
Eric & Judy Blomsterberg Yvette Johnson Donald Rowe
Denise Bolton Daniel & Stella Juarez Paul & Lisa Rubio
Bruce & Janice Bradford Paul Kanpp Marsha Russell
David Brager Betty Keel Moises Salas
Mayor Chris Brown Charles & Sarah Signorovitch Kelley Diane Sambrano
Patrick Burris Nilan Kincaid Beverly Sarafolean
James Bush Susan King Joyce Savisky
Dennis Carden Kiwanis Club of Hawthorne Donald Scheliga
Darcy Carroll Darren & Amy Kriston C. Schlendering
Teresa Cella Ginny Lambert Seers Lumber Co.
David Chernick Rhonie Lenhart William & Alvy Shultz
Jane Comitz Lee & Norma Jean Leonard Sheryl Singh
Phil Cookes Leuzinger High PTSA Sharon Skaff
Mike & Pam Cox Dennis & Jennifer Lord Richard & Mary Sloan
Lily Craig Darlene Love Jon Sloey
Glenn Crist Theirry & Debra Lubenec Clinton Smith
Bill & Vi Daquila Diane Lundy Carol Steinhauer
Kathleen & Juan DeMesa J. Fred MacDonald Frances Stiglich
Donald Dear Paul Mackie Sandra Suarez
Marti Des Roche Steve & Gladys Makshanoff Dennis Swanson
Eddings Bros, Inc. Bob Marsella Jim Sweeney
Mark & Lani Emmich Linda Mathews Werner & Sherry Szilas
Newell Endicott W.D.& Evelyn McCoy Mike Talleda
Bob Falconer Floyd McCutheon Jose & Zulma Tobar
Kathy Floren (Wiltse) Donald & Marcia McIntire Dixie Tobey
Jerry & Lynn Flory Rosie Medina Maureen Trott
Janet Frantz Gordon Mego Barbara Ulrich
Robert & Karen Fraser W. J. (Bill ) Meters Fannie Upshaw
Friends of Hawthorne Library Richard Meyer Olivia Valentine
Bob & Janice Givens Nilo Michelin Alexandre Vargas
Giovanni Grammatico Jerry Miles Lynn Vaughn
Mary K. Green Karen Mitani Jan Vogel
Jason Gromski Moneta Gardens Improvements Gertrude & David Waggoner
Lawrence & Marilyn Guidi Alexandre Monteiro James Weishaar
Jose Gutierrez Dr. Helen Morgan Jody Weller
Tim & Loretta Hagerty Norm Morton Barbara Westrope
Sean Hansen Mark Newell Maurine White
Mark Hardison Ethan Nguyen Woman's Club of Hawthorne
Hawthorne American Legion John Noyes  
Hawthorne VFW Berlayne Olson